Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs

LawnGreat Falls soils are typically alkaline (high Ph) with low amounts of organic matter and often lack certain nutrients required to produce healthy green turf. This area in Central Montana also includes areas like the Sun River and Missouri River Valleys and windblown benchlands. In other words, you can become very frustrated with typical fertilizer products and waste a lot of water, time and money pursuing a nice landscape!

The secret to our success is offering an exclusive blend of organic based nutrients that lower Ph, enhance topsoil, improve plant health, and address several specific nutrient deficiencies. While common fertilizers provide 1 to 3 basic minerals in synthetic form, our product has several other micro-nutrients along with organic matter to enhance the soil biology and Ph.

We enjoy figuring out solutions that best serve your individual landscape and budget, and will work in Great Falls and Central Montana. Below is a list of lawn services we can recommend based on the current condition of your lawn.

Lawns typically require 4 to 5 feedings per season, 6 for optimum color and density. Depending on weed populations, 3 to 4 of these applications will contain weed control. We will spot treat any weeds on the applications that do not contain weed control. (Organic only programs excluded). So whether you live in Great Falls, Vaughn, Fairfield or Fort Benton, we can help you get the lawn you want.

Gold Lawn Care Program

Regular feedings with a good fertility program including micro-nutrients, organics, and weed control is the key to a beautiful healthy lawn. Two of the applications are a granular-organic based fertilize with iron to enrich and improve the soil structure encouraging beneficial soil microbes that attack pests and diseases. This is the best program for any lawn with poor top soils including clay and sand. Includes 6 applications of fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn looking pristine. This Program includes controlling weeds and grass in sidewalks and concrete driveways. Applications are applied approximately every 30 to 35 days.

Silver Lawn Care Program

Includes 5 applications of fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful. This Program includes controlling weeds and grass in sidewalks and concrete driveways. Applications are applied approximately every 36 to 41 days

Basic Lawn Care Program

Includes 4 applications of fertilizer and weed control to maintain your lawn, keeping it healthy and weed free. Only recommended if your lawn shows signs of heat stress and/or goes dormant during the heat of the year. Applications are still applied approximately every 36 to 41 days like the Silver Lawn Care Program, but we skip the 4th application during the heat of the year. Well watered lawns continue to actively grow during the heat and will need more fertilizer per season and therefore should be scheduled for the Gold or Silver Lawn Care Program.

Core Aeration

Should be done at least once each year

Core aeration is the process of perforating the soil, as well as any thatch layer that might exist. Aeration allows water, air, and fertilizer to reach the grass roots where it is needed. Aeratino promotes a healthy lawn and reduces water run-off by allowing moisture to reach the roots efficiently. With wind and dry soils in around Great Falls, this should not be neglected.

Many sports field and golf course managers will aerate up to 5 times a year, which proves you simply cannot put too many holes in your lawn. For residential yards we recommend at least one or two aerations each year.

Customers with underground sprinkler systems will need to flag the sprinkler heads that are within the lawn area.

Insect and Disease Control

You may not be the only one enjoying your lawn! Turf damaging insects and fungal diseases may periodically infest your space. A telling sign may be color changes, or areas which appear to be lacking water. We are experts in the particular pests that live in the Great Falls area.

Sprinkler System Start-Up

Ensuring your system and lines are operating properly will save you time and money! Making sure all heads are providing adequate water to all areas of your landscape promotes overall health and can decrease water consumption in some cases, saving you money.


Sprinkler System Winterization

Winterizing your sprinkler system – Removing water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads is essential before freezing occurs. It’s the best way to protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage this winter. The weather changes fast in Central Montana!

Larger systems, systems pumping out of wells or the river, or systems out of town may accrue additional charges.