Noxious Weed Control in Fields and Pastures

  • Control Knapweed, Leafy Spurge, White Top, Hounds Tongue, Cheat Grass, and many other weeds in your field or pasture. We can treat small patches up to many acres.  For those living in areas less populated than Great Falls, we offer our services in Fairfield, Choteau, Fort Benton, Conrad, Shelby and the Sun River Valley.  No matter where your pasture is located in North Central Montana, we can help.

Weed Control in Fence Lines, Flower Beds, and Planting Beds

  • WeedEx Programs will kill and prevent new weeds and grass growth in fence lines, flower beds, planting beds, mulch, and rock beds.– Controls and prevents growth where no vegetation is desired. May need to be done twice a season. This program uses products that are carefully applied and safe to use along grass, under flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Vegetation Management/Bare Ground Services (Soil Sterilization)

  • Control and prevent all vegetation from growing where no vegetation is desired. We have many different products that can be applied to control unwanted vegetation from growing in driveways and gravel lots. We have different methods of achieving complete vegetation management from soil sterilant to safe mixes that can be used when surrounding areas have sensitive plants such as trees, lawns, and desirable plants.